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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday Blog Hop Day 2

As fate would have it--my internet is working but I can't get my picture on here.I made Lynda a beautiful simple birthday card that is very pretty---with no cricut---no punches----just a little imagination and inspiration from a card magazine--.Anyway, I apologize for the delay AGAIN---but as soon as dh can help me I will get the picture up--I am obviously doing something wrong.If not this afternoon, I will have two pictures tomarrow morning-----------Again---I apologize to everyone and especially Lynda-----



McVic said...

Ive had problems getting pictures up too!! Even FB is crazy!!

Barb said...

Cute! I always have trouble when I come across a challenge of "no Cricut!"

Bunnyfreak said...

I like the pin on the package.

Donna said...

Lovely ribbon!

Eva said...

Yay, glad you finally got your picture up!!! Love It!

Amanda said...

love the card~2 sweet! thanx~prhmangel at gmail dot comlove the card~2 sweet! thanx~prhmangel at gmail dot com