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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miracle Blog Hop

Welcome to the Miracle Blog Hop.  You should have gotten here from Kimberly ~ .  If you didn't please start at the beginning with Melissa Pinter- so you don't miss a thing!

Many of us could share a miracle that we have witnessed in our lifetime.  I have been blessed to have seen two miracles unfold over the last ten years in the same family.  In November of 2001 we met a wonderful family through Church.  Michael and Terri, Terri's parents Jimmy and Sue, and Michael's parents, Larry and Nila.  Larry was battling a condition we had never heard of called Amyloidosis.  It is a very dibilitating disease.  Larry was on dialysis for several years and in desperate need of a kidney transplant.  While going through the process to qualify for a transplant, it was discovered that Larry had cancer in his kidneys.  In order to qualify for the transplant Larry had to have the cancer removed which meant living without a kidney, depending fully on dialysis, and remaining cancer free for a year.  Larry made it through all of that.  As many of you know, there still is the issue of a donor.  There was a young man in our Church named Wesley who told Larry he would donate one of his kidneys.  In a miracle that only God could provide Wesley was a match.  Larry is about three years past his transplant at this time, and although there are always obstacles, he continues to persevere.

Now for the other miracle, Terri's mom Sue has suffered with heart issues over the years.  Sue had a heart valve replacement about 25 years ago.  Sue's condition worsened to the point over the last year that it was determined a heart transplant was the only solution.  In 2011 Sue was placed on the transplant list at local research hospital.  Then on a September Sunday in 2011, we had just arrived at Church when Sue got a call from hospital.  There was a donor heart, and several potential recipients had been called to come to hospital.  Doctors would determine the best choice of the recipients.  Sue received a new heart that day and made a miraculous recovery.  Terri, their son Ben, and Terri's father Jimmy sang a special song in church today that they had originally planned to sing that day in September.  Through this one family we have been blessed to see the miracles that God provides in our lives.

I created a special card to commemorate the miracles in this family. 


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Instead of a normal Blog Candy gift, I will donate $25 to the Ronald McDonald House in honor of Ethan in the winner's name.  To qualify, just be a follower of my blog, and please leave feedback.



Michele from MS said...

What a beautiful card to honor such a beautiful family and God's blessings! Amen!

Pink Polka Dot Scrapping said...

Love your card! Wow God Is Great! I know what it is like to wait foran organ...and i alsoknow whatit feels like to see God's Miracles.Thank you forbeng part of this beautiful blog hop and thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

Shawnee said...

I love your beautiful card. I love that you are donating to help the Ronald McDonald House and giving back. :) Inspiring!

PaulaJ said...

very pretty card and such wonderful stories. God is so good!

Janet's Planet said...

Love the story! Isn't it comforting to know that God heals, gives us strengh and knows what's best for us! We donate to the Ronald McDonald House and it's so easy!! The school children here, collect tabs from cans, and then they are sold and money goes to the Indy RMH. Thanks for sharing your story! Janet Royer

Denise Gifford said...

So glad that your friends received their miracle. What a wonderful idea to give to Ronald McDonald House to help Ethan.

Love your card that you made for them.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Denise Gifford

Suzys Crafts said...

Such heartbreaking but yet uplifting stories in this hop. Thanks so much for sharing.

Cathie w said...

what a wonderful Miracle !!!! TFS!!!


Scrappy Emt said...

beautiful card to honor the miracles thank you for sharing ...

Marji said...

Your card an story is beautiful! I'd love ti win your blog candy!!

Doris P. said...

beautiful stories. ONLY GOD could make that all come together!! so blessed they are!

mommahobbit said...

Thank you for sharing! That card is AMAZING! I love it!

Edwina said...

Your card is very pretty. Your story of your friends is very touching. They have gone through a lot together. They have been blessed with mircles in their lives. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

callyannc said...

Anita so very sweet! Love your story and card and your blog candy! Perfect! TFS Callyann

Maria said...

Wwhat a beautiful card and story of miracles! TFS and thanks for giving!

maria_m_nestor (at)

bluecrayons said...

gorgeous card and awesome tribute. good chose of blog candy too. miracles are happening every second.

craftingwithblue at gmail dot com

Janet said...

It is a miracle that donors were found for both . I've known people who have waited and waited for tha to happenand to noavail. TFSyour card is beautiful!Big Blog Hugs, Janet

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing your stories. I am glad to hear everyone is doing well. Your project looks great.

Liz said...

gorgeous card

Newbie2crafting said...

Beautiful card!


Cindy :) said...

love your blog candy idea, fabulous and so appropriate. I donated a kidney to my husband almost 3 yrs ago, we were a perfect match and he is doing awesome :) We had a preemie son, saved my husbands life while almost losing my own but made it, 3 miracles in less than 20 yrs for us :) My hubby made me a plaque thanking me for donating, I really should do a blog post about it :) ty for the story :)