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Friday, May 18, 2012

Walt Disney Animated Film Mulan

I am so sorry----I thought I was keeping up with my blog hops but this slipped up on me.I apologize to everyone but especially Lisa,Lynne and Kimberly.I would never want to let them down like this again.So the line up should be Lisa,Me,  then go to Lynne, Her Craftiness   and then to Kimberly.I will have Hercules ready and waiting next Friday.Again,I apologize to our leaders that work so hard and to everyone that stops by my blog.



Laura said...

I will be waiting to see Hercules next week...
hugs..Laura D.

Her Craftiness (Lynne) said...

Thank you my dear friend for giving us the links.... I can't wait to see your Hercules next week!!! It always a pleasure hopping with you!
Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust
Her Craftiness