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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Link Up For Pink 2012

Her Craftiness and Lynne Kirsch have inspired us to do everything we can to a cure for  Breast Cancer in our future---and it all begins with  awareness.A friend of mine  (well, really younger than me) has two almost teenage sons.Her , her husband and the boys have all dedicated their lives to the Lord.She went on a Mission trip to Haiti and fell in love with a little orphan girl.They have been through the harrowing adoption process and were almost ready to have her here in the Unioted States and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.She is a nurse and her Mother is too.But they never gave up.She went through all the treatments with a smile and Praising God.She is doing so good---she beat breast cancer---Today the little girl is with her and they are on a plane coming home to the United States.She is such an inspiration and there are millions of stories just this inspirational.There are also sad stories---and that's why  we have to continue to bring awareness to the awful disease.
I made a card "Calling For A Cure" today----I used a Louby Lou digital stamp and colored it and added just a "little"glimmer mist and glitter."  Keep stopping by Her Craftiness and we will have projects all month.


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Her Craftiness (Lynne) said...

Beautiful card and inspiring story of your friend! God Bless you and her!
Much love, hugs, and creative pixie dust (not that you need it!)